Singing in the Dark

by Dan Kahn



Since the Singing in the Dark Demo was released a few months ago, I've gotten new recording equipment, software and with the help of talented friends been able to record and produce music at a much higher quality.

Recordings will pop up as I finish them over the next few weeks. For the time being the tracks can be downloaded individually. Once they are all recorded, you can download the whole album. Name your price (free) as always. :)

Expect re-recordings of the songs off the Demo as well as some new ones.

This album is recorded using an AKG Perception 120 Condenser Mic and Logic Pro 9.


released January 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Dan Kahn Baltimore, Maryland

Having been influenced by experiences writing for a ska band in New Jersey, I have decided to start writing acoustic music. I'm a very strong believer in "Do it Yourself", which is why I write/record all of my own material. I also believe that a song is never "done". It just continues to evolve, making those drafts I sent out to people three years ago fun, embarrassing, and neat way to see growth. ... more

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Track Name: Singing in the Dark
I met you today but I’ve known you forever.
I’m just not used to cold Cali weather.
And I’m fine on my own but we sound good together.
When talking about it just won't make it better,

It’s alright
And it’ll be

My eyes adjust slow but it helps with a spark
As we turn off the light and we sing in the dark
And it hear it much clearer like I’ve been reborn,
Since you covered my ears to help me feel warm.

I knew you were cool when you first played that song,
About freckles in eyes and feeling so strong,
And I haven’t met someone like you in so long,
When we know what we want but we don't know we're wrong,

It’s alright,
And it’ll be


Well my eyes have adjusted and I can see fine,
But I’ve lost track of space, and lost track of time,
As three hundred more voices all pick up on our tune,
And that’s when I said that I’ll see you in june.
Track Name: Daylight Follows
I look up to you. I can’t stand you looking down,
I’m still tryna find a way to keep your eyes above the ground,

Torn between your life and death and coin danced in the air,
But the moment that it left your hand you knew which side you wanted it to bear.

[Look me in the eyes, I refuse to tell you lies,
Think about that old remark, daylight always follows,
And I know that it hurts, I’ll be there when it feels worse,
If you wait to disembark, daylight always follows the dark.]

You tried to escape, with toxic air,
I remember when you woke up with scars, I remember you were scared.

You took me for a drive that night, and I remember I never made a sound,
I feared you wouldn't change your mind, and I cried at the thought of you not being around.


You were like a brother. You were my best friend,
You were there when I thought my life was at its end.

And when you told me that I kept you back from taking your own,
You were able to draw water from a heart made out of stone.


Just let your eyes adjust to the light.
We’ll be alright.
We’ll be alright.